Any Road with Brick Briscoe

Any Road with Brick Briscoe hits the airwaves on April 4 at 7PM Central on WNIN 9.1 in the Evansville, IN DMA. Streaming will begin the first week of May. Stay tuned for those details.

Is it a music show with travel or a travel show with music? Yes… on both accounts. Join Brick and his journey to document the stories showing the importance of music in our lives. From musicians, songwriters, fans, educators and beyond, Briscoe meets artists in their environment and discuss the joys and realities of choosing a life in music.

Traveling across the USA in the first six episodes, the show visits a variety of locales in places like Vincennes, Indiana, Henderson, Kentucky, Boston, Massachusetts, New York City, the Twin Cities and places in between.

Join Brick on his journey.

April 4 - Origins

April 1- A Trip to Boston

April 18 - Surviving NYC

May 2 - Behind the Scenes

May 9 - Twin Cities or Bust

May 16 - The Music Show