In the middle of some road, somewhere else.

In the middle of some road, somewhere else.


Brick Briscoe has made a life of figuring out how to do what he needs to do.  Writing songs and performing are at the top of that list.  Rooted in the Midwest, but spiritually tied to NYC, where his previous release “Songs To Yell To” came to life he continues to defy expectations.  Much of his new record "Brick Briscoe - IV"  was recorded or mixed in a hospital while he was undergoing chemotherapy. 

Briscoe creates songs that paint a picture of restlessness and wonder, sprinkled liberally with a well matured angst.   He’s a wanderer both physically and artistically.  You’ll find him just as much obsessed with the open road as trying to get you into the metaphorical bed.    The songs move between punk rock edge and a curious free form adventure, with Briscoe’s buzzsaw and angular guitar riffs cutting a trail for his lyrics to find an unsettling safe house.

His live shows channel the things he spits out from this journey.  Always intense and surprisingly sensitive, his shows go from a whisper to a howl from moment to moment.  He's entertaining for sure, but there's some thinking in the dance and things can get messy.

In between regional gigs and the occasional foray to NYC, Chicago, Minneapolis or wherever,  Brick produces and hosts a public radio show called "The Song Show.”  It is a show where Brick shows his true passion for music and mines the deep history of song by relating common themes across genres and time periods in each episode.  His guests are the musicians and songwriters he comes across playing music, or in true old school fashion, picks up the phone and calls.

He also produces television, commercials and other film based projects from his studio base, "la cueva de la araña," in Petersburg, IN.

Brick was born and raised in Petersburg.  Although he wanted to do nothing more than be in a rock band, he was coerced into attending university.   After taking a class at Indiana University on the complete works of Charles Chaplin, he decided to try to make films.  During a stint at Southern Illinois University the following year, he discovered Truffaut, Godard and Tarkovsky, thus his fate was sealed.

During this journey of personal and financial ruin, Brick moved to New York, then Los Angeles, and finally back to New York chasing the cinema. Influenced greatly by Cassavetes, Truffaut, Rohmer, Cukor and a host of others, he pitched films all over both cities (with several near misses) until he moved back to Petersburg deeming cinema dead.

After giving up feature films for his health and sanity, he discovered that the only thing he ever truly loved was RocknRoll.  He now spends most of his time writing  and performing with his band and producing music in his studio, as well as, finding guests for his radio show.

He still lives in Petersburg with his wife of 31 years, Marta.  They have a new granddaughter, with some help from their daughter Emma  and son in law Curtis.