Brick interviewing singer Cynthia Murray in Evansville, Indiana.

Brick interviewing singer Cynthia Murray in Evansville, Indiana.

Why Any Road?

Brick’s history as a TV producer and songwriter are tailor made for this project.

Suffering from an illness for most of 2017 and parts of 2018, Brick spent a lot of time by himself and lounging in a recliner… thinking. That’s a dangerous thing. As someone who craves to be on the road, being confined and quarantined were a special kind of hell for him.

He already had a radio show on NPR affiliate WNIN in Evansville that was creating a loyal following. But he was itching to do more with the resources and contacts he’d gathered over the last twenty-odd years.

So an idea popped into his head. When he was finally allowed to jump back to life he was going to travel more and tell even more stories about his musical fascinations. And so, he convinced his friend and cohort, Producer AJ Casey, to hit the road with him and here we are today.

Brick’s passion for music and his love for telling stories make him the perfect travel guide for this show. Plus, he’s a guy who loves to look at the open highway, even those he’s traveled dozens of times. He’s a fantastic resource on the road too… He knows where all the rest areas and clean truck stops are.