Songs to yell to

The Facts


Brick Briscoe - Vocals/Guitar  

Frank Funaro - Drums            

Sal Maida - Bass



  1. Give Me a Lift (Briscoe)
  2. Jack the Ripper (Briscoe)
  3. Everybody Sings (Briscoe)
  4. 5Sick7 (Klipsch/Briscoe)
  5. The Great Maybe (Briscoe)
  6. I'm Not Impressed by This Life Very Much (Briscoe)
  7. Constant Banging - demo (Briscoe) PHYSICAL CD ONLY
  8. Boys Keep Swinging (Bowie/Eno) PHYSICAL CD ONLY

Produced by Frank Funaro

Recorded at Soundtronics Studio - Queens, NY

Engineer - Len Monachello

Mixed by Frank Funaro and Brick Briscoe at Radio Free Petersburg - Petersburg, Indiana

Some Vocals Recorded at 77 Studios - Evansville, Indiana

Vocals Engineered by Patrick Preston

Some parts recorded at Rockstore Production's Pillbox Mobile - Petersburg, IN

This project would have been impossible without Theodore Klipsch, Brian Sherman, Allen Greenberg, Mike Adams, John Rauch, Marta Briscoe & Matt Sullivan