Brick Briscoe

Brick Briscoe is a Songwriter/Composer, Performer, Filmmaker, Television Producer, Radio Producer, let’s face it, he’s a hyphenate.

Briscoe has spent over 30 years in show business on virtually every level from NYC, to LA to Petersburg, Indiana. He’s made and scored documentary films, television and radio shows. He’s recorded 11 records of his own music and play stages all over the United States. For some reason he continues to do these things.

Briscoe creates songs that paint a picture of restlessness and wonder, sprinkled liberally with a well matured angst. He’s a wanderer both physically and artistically. You’ll find him just as much obsessed with the open road as trying to get you into the metaphorical bed. The songs move between punk rock edge and a curious free form adventure, with Briscoe’s buzzsaw and angular guitar riffs cutting a trail for his lyrics to find an unsettling safe house.

He is currently finishing his new LP “From Lucky Point to Père Lachaise.” He is also releasing two sided singles monthly for 2019. Entitle “AA” they are songs that don’t fit the new LP and have yet to find a home on one of his LPs.

His video and film projects are always filled with raw energy and emotion. He’s a kinetic man, who wears his hear on his sleeve. In the past year Briscoe produced a documentary in France and started his new TV series “Any Road with Brick Briscoe.”

His radio program “The Song Show” is nearing its fourth anniversary.

With Briscoe, you always need to “stay tuned”.


Management - Deen Corteen

Music Synch - PlayUp Music